Fathima Sumaiya.
I will be nothing but a memory to you <3
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Ya Allah,

Fill my heart with sabr and shukr.

Ameen :)

Fi Amanillah

May Allah Protect You! :)

Daddys gonna submit his visa app tomorrow to be with us when you arrive …inshaAllah… with the help of Allah swt nothing can ever go wrong!

I just cant to see your daddy and you aswell xD love you both very much! Mwah ..

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They ask you when you’ll be getting married and finally when you’re married.. they ask you when you’ll start having kids..

It will never stop.   

Lol true that ^

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deserted dreams… (?)

was looking forward to the future so bad!…but now ..idk… i feel empty… i really did have high hopes on Allah… that He’d make it so easier for us…to settle down at just one place…together… 
but it turns out to be opposite here …with the will of Allah
i do hope everything becomes okay and satisfying…inshaAllah

 Ya Allah…forgive me and bestow us what is good in this word and in the Hereafter
Ameeen :)